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четверг, 13 августа 2015 г.

It is a little about us. We are engaged in production and sale of miniatures. The main direction of miniatures is a collection miniature in scale 1/24 (75mm), various fairy tale characters. How they appear? Everything is very simple. Our sculptor regularly looks through a huge number of resources with pictures. Those pictures which are pleasant to it, he keeps on the computer and then chooses, that fixes his eye most of all, and then already molds a figure from this picture. Happens so that one picture sets a subject, and the sculptor tries to discover already pictures with similar subject and connects some pictures in a uniform image at himself in the head. So the master model is born. And further already business in production which makes copies from master model.
Examples of our works.

Later we will tell you about creation of some of them

We are glad you to welcome on our site.